Resonant Rise 4 has been updated to 1.10.2 (Map Reset), we have also added a Beta build of Grief Prevention so we can now move this from a Subscriber only server to Open Whitelist.

Please keep in mind 1.10.2 servers are still heavily under development and map resets and server restarts can happen without any notice.

Many plugins which you are used to do not exist on this server however basic commands like /sethome and /rtp are available.

There are no VIP perks or any kits available on the server yet

There will be no support from staff or item refunds with regards to crashes/rollbacks.  

To join you will first need to apply to get the pack available on your launcher from here 

Next open ATLauncher and under packs search for "Resonant Rise Dev" its a separate pack from the standard Resonant Rise install.

The server URL is:

Please post any bug reports you have with this pack in the Resonant Rise 4 forum section ONLY.

We will escalate where appropriate from there to the RR dev team.

lawfromchaos vipvip Are we going to be able to transfer our rank from RRM when this server starts to support ranks?

We have added a new command to the servers that allows you to send money from one server to another (Of the same pack) in order to utilize shops that may not be accessible on your server.

For example there may be a shop on CP-E that you want to buy items from but you play mainly on CP-W

Now you can send the money needed to CP-E from CP-W by running the command for example /ggive cpe yourign 50 On CP-W to send $50 to CP-E

Next you would buy the items you wanted on CP-E and use the BetterRelocation plugin to transfer them back to CP-W for use in your base.

Commands and usage:

/ggive [server] [playername] [money] - gives the specified amount of money to the specified player on the specified server.  Players can give money to themselves

/ggive - Shows the help and list of available servers

kooljess702 vip Been waiting for this new feature for a while
TheyCallMeKrisha vipsvip Does it work across region servers too? Like say EU-CP to CP-E / CP-W
Lowbitpixel vipvip Applause! Nice new feature.

20,000 Registered Users

BeavisBuilder Senior-Admin posted Aug 13, 16

Congratulations to mtrangle for becoming the 20,000th member to join our website! 500 points has been added to your account 

Also, as mentioned in the previous news post, today marks the servers 3 year anniversary!

DeVco 3 years

devryb OP posted Aug 5, 16

Aug. 13 marks our 3 year anniversary for the server.  And I'd just like to thank everyone, players, staff and donators included for making this all possible.

We hope to have another successful year and continue to grow and refine the network.

Also for the next 2 and a bit weeks now - Aug. 21 our annual store sale of 25% off reward points will be on

Vallhalla_101 God, I started playing over a year ago.... cant wait to join back when some servers come for 1.10
kelson448 Man I that was the time, hadn't been to long since me, kdog, and stre migrated to this DEVCO.
koefi three years, awesome.hope there will be many more

CrackPack West

BeavisBuilder Senior-Admin posted Jul 13, 16

Due to the popularity of our original CrackPack server, we have decided to open a second one (CrackPack West). The IP for the original server has now changed and is known as CrackPack East



Claimblocks, BetterChunkloader blocks, Ranks, and Multiverse worlds were copied over to the West server. You can submit a ticket for a one time transfer of your ingame money to the new west server.

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