CrackPack West

BeavisBuilder Senior-Admin posted Jul 13, 16

Due to the popularity of our original CrackPack server, we have decided to open a second one (CrackPack West). The IP for the original server has now changed and is known as CrackPack East



Claimblocks, BetterChunkloader blocks, Ranks, and Multiverse worlds were copied over to the West server. You can submit a ticket for a one time transfer of your ingame money to the new west server.

We are now testing a new automated system for reviews.  Once per week you can post your honest review under as many of the links in the threads dropdown as you wish and the system will scan periodically for the review and award you 20 points.

No longer will this be a manual process where you have to wait for a staff member in game through the ticket system (Please do log a ticket though if you find an issue with the new system)

When posting a review you must use the following format:

IGN: your minecraft name

your honest review here

How to post a server review here

onspeed How about signatures on forums like ftb or with server adress?
Zero0920 vip I think 200 per week isn't anything too massive though
e_z_crafter vip I agree with 64bitHobo, 200 points a week does seem a bit much. But seeing all the messages pop up about how many points...


devryb OP posted Jun 29, 16

Our FTB CrackPack servers are now open!

Server addresses:

North America:


conibek2008 vip Anyone 17y.o.+ want to join me? I`d be interested in a city. I can buy a few k claim blocks for it.
Tradiation vip Thank you for adding this pack. It looks amazing.A lot of mods, some I've never even touched before. Diving in now.
Roxsta Just joining the community, but you guys rock ! keep up the hard work

Resonant Rise 4 for MC 1.9.4

devryb OP posted Jun 24, 16

We are now opening our first 1.9.4 server running Sponge.

This server is still heavily under development and will for the time being be whitelisted automatically to any Subscribed VIP member.

Many plugins which you are used to do not exist on this server however basic commands like /sethome and /rtp are available.

There are no VIP perks or any kits available on the server yet

There will be no support from staff or item refunds with regards to crashes/rollbacks.  World resets may happen but that will be a last resort for us, we are at the mercy of mod updates though.

To join you will first need to apply to get the pack available on your launcher from here (Remember this link will only be available to current VIP subscribers)

Next open ATLauncher and under packs search for "Resonant Rise Dev" its a separate pack from the standard Resonant Rise install.

The server URL is:

Please post any bug reports you have with this pack in the Resonant Rise 4 forum section ONLY.

We will escalate where appropriate from there to the RR dev team.

DIABLO_DIBZ is any idea when this might open to everyone?
draithab This is very good thank you
DingoX3 vipvipvipsvip Could you direct me to the Subscriber button for vips? I seem to be blind...

New ResonantRise West server!

axle2005 Senior-Admin posted Jun 23, 16

Due to the number of players that of joined RRM (Soon to be RRM-E) we have decided to open a second NA server. 

All players currently playing on RRM are allowed to have a 1 time transfer of Money, Rank and Claimblocks to the new server. 

Please sumbit a /ticket in game if you would like to tranfer any of this. 

Like always, players are free to use BetterRelocation to move items across server 

Please remember when moving items not to pack too many me drives into golden bags into your inventory as it can corrupt your player.dat file if it gets too large and staff will not be able to help you!

jedi13 Will there be any noticeable difference in ping?
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