Our Tekkit Legends servers have been reset!

We are now using a new method to reset 1.7 servers going forward.

Instead of having a new server opened that you needed to move items to with BetterRelocation like we did in the past we have opted to instead open a new build world that you can move to.  Now you can just use your inventory to move items or any in game things like enderchests.


The old overworld has been moved to a world called oldbuild including your claims and sethomes and shops

A new build world named build is where you should setup your new bases

To get to this world just run /rtp from the old build world or the new spawn world

DeVcoCity has also been moved into its own world and can be accessed with /warp devcocity as usual.  If you lived in DeVcoCity previously you do not need to move your base this has all been moved to the new world, all you need to do is update any /home set to it and any shops need to be setup again.

For anyone that had a multiverse world your world still exists and will not be reset unless you are spoken to about it by a staff member.

The default overworld will now be used as the mining world, this is especially helpful for mods that only generate blocks/structures in the default overworld.

We are also giving a full two weeks now for you to move your base before closing out the oldbuild world.  So you have until Oct. 26 to complete the move!

Please let us know on the forums if you find any issues with the new reset procedure

*note for ease of going back and forth to your builds: When you get on your old build, rename it /sethome old Then do the /rtp that will take you to the new build world. Find your new place to build and use /sethome home. Now you can go back and forth using /home old to get your items and /home home to start your new place.

Joeld98 vip The new method is much easier than the old. Still a PITA to rebuild and start growing items over though.

HermitPack - 1.10.2

devryb OP posted Oct 7, 16

Our HermitPack servers are now open!

North America:


Since these are 1.10.2 servers there will still not be any support from staff for them.  Consider these servers still highly Beta.  World resets may happen but we will try our best to avoid them.  Ranks/Kits and alot of commands are still unavailable.  There are basic commands and claims are functional.

The modpack can be found on the FTB Launcher

MaineYankee svip Ok i understand this is new, but the fact I can't make a claim without having a golden shovel. The chest claim doe...

New Server Perk - Prevent Claim Expiration

axle2005 Senior-Admin posted Sep 28, 16

Thanks to our amazing Developer Kai, we have added a new server perk, one that allows players to bypass the natural 30 day claim expiration.

This perk is already given to all of our new VIP-Subscriber ranks (sVIP's), and lasts as long as you have that rank.

For the non-subscriber players, this perk comes in 2 flavours: 60 days (150 points) and 120 days (300 points) and they are active from the date of purchase.

This means you could purchase the 60 day option, play for 15 days, and your claim wouldn't expire for 45 more days.

This perk can be found in our Reward Store under Server Perks

How this affects Cities:

- If you're the mayor, you won't be removed from your own city and you'll still be the mayor for the entire duration of the perk

- If you're the mayor, your citizens will still be removed from your city if they're offline for more than 30 days

- If you're a citizen (without being the mayor), you'll still be removed from that city if you're offline for more than 30 days

- Even if you have this perk, you can still be removed from DevcoCity after inactivity. 

*This is a replacement for Requesting Admin Claims. We will no longer be giving player Admin claims for inactivity. 

Croc0dile vip What happens if we did buy the vip a few weeks ago ?
Samah vipsvip So what about if we already have an admin claim? I won't be back online for over a week, so I hope the claim hasn&...
lawfromchaos vipvipvip Was briefly interested until I discovered its a one time purchase. If you know you are going to be gone that long you m...

First up are the new Rules & Guidlines for Private Cities and Shops:

Shops will now be FREE. Mayors will not charge for any plots with Shops in them. If your City is designed to allow Shops in their residence, then you cannot charge them for their plot. If you have a separate Shop plot, then you may charge for the resident plot.

We changed the way Shops now work. We have always charged a 5% Tax on all items sold in shops. The Mayor of a City will now receive 4% of that Tax for every item sold in his city. If a Mayor wishes to Remove a Citizen, he MUST give that player a 2 week notice (exception of course is absence of 30 days).

Citizens: Remember, you need to trust your Mayor. He does have full access to any items you place on you plot.

DeVcoCity Reborn:

We are Rolling out the New DeVcoCity on all servers today (some delay on SF and AS). DeVcoCity will have around 20-30 9x9 Shops with /warp shops available along with 15-25 17x17 Residential plots in the city. All Free. The advantage here is DeVcoCity will be ran and monitored by DeVco Admins so there should not be any issues on trusting someone you don't know.  The difference is DeVco City will have a tax rate set at 7% rather than 5% for private Cities. Our Residential sites you can use for your actual Home while working on your other home (great place for new players while waiting for you claimblocks to increase) or just to build your Showcase piece and show the server your building talent.

So Check /c spawn DeVcoCity on your server and check us out. *note: CP-W, CP-EU, AST-EU will be later today. All SF and AS will be this week.

Any addition questions let me know!

p.s. For additional iinformation, check the Help/FAQ under City Shops :


Senior Administrator


TunnelRatz vip '/c plot take' doesn't seem to work at DevCoCity on RRME. Yes, I did join the city.
YoloSwagObama vip so if you have a nutcase in your town the nutcase can't be removed for 2 weeks?
Croc0dile vip ITS NOT FREE where did you warn us that every chest will coast us 10$ ??? not even when we setup a chest i noticed only ...

Bevo's Tech Pack Opening/Infitech Closing

axle2005 Senior-Admin posted Aug 25, 16

Bevo's Tech Pack Opening

We have opened two servers for Bevo's Tech Pack, one NA server and one EU




All information of how to join is here: Link

We are using version BetaX-Hotfix with all recommended mods. 

Infitech Closing

Due to a low player count for this modpack, we have decided to close down both the NA and EU server to make way for Bevo's Tech Pack. 

As this is a server closing, Dev will post the world map within the next few days. 

Addtionally, if you purchased something using points recieved by donation for this server, you can request a refund here: Link

shazzee vipvip Probably not the right place to post but could someone please help me? Ive been trying to install bevo tech pack and its...
MaxWayne72 vipvipvip don't be so sad about server closings. i know it's hard to let all the hard work and good times behind, but ke...
onspeed sad news. its was great experience and friends and stuff.
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