Resonant Rise 4 for MC 1.9.4

devryb OP posted Fri at 11:15

We are now opening our first 1.9.4 server running Sponge.

This server is still heavily under development and will for the time being be whitelisted automatically to any Subscribed VIP member.

Many plugins which you are used to do not exist on this server however basic commands like /sethome and /rtp are available.

There are no VIP perks or any kits available on the server yet

There will be no support from staff or item refunds with regards to crashes/rollbacks.  World resets may happen but that will be a last resort for us, we are at the mercy of mod updates though.

To join you will first need to apply to get the pack available on your launcher from here (Remember this link will only be available to current VIP subscribers)

Next open ATLauncher and under packs search for "Resonant Rise Dev" its a separate pack from the standard Resonant Rise install.

The server URL is:

Please post any bug reports you have with this pack in the Resonant Rise 4 forum section ONLY.

We will escalate where appropriate from there to the RR dev team.

DingoX3 vipvipvipsvip Could you direct me to the Subscriber button for vips? I seem to be blind...
LordwolF76 Highly modded 1.9.4 is cool, When can we expect a SpongeForge Vanilla server? I almost always play modded, but vanilla i...
DeadCastle vipvip I get the no access too. I am not a vip member?

New ResonantRise West server!

axle2005 Senior-Admin posted Thu at 13:49

Due to the number of players that of joined RRM (Soon to be RRM-E) we have decided to open a second NA server. 

All players currently playing on RRM are allowed to have a 1 time transfer of Money, Rank and Claimblocks to the new server. 

Please sumbit a /ticket in game if you would like to tranfer any of this. 

Like always, players are free to use BetterRelocation to move items across server 

Please remember when moving items not to pack too many me drives into golden bags into your inventory as it can corrupt your player.dat file if it gets too large and staff will not be able to help you!

jedi13 Will there be any noticeable difference in ping?

Resonant Rise Resets

Prizzianna Senior-Admin posted Jun 16, 16

Due to the age of the IResonant Rise maps, we have decided that now is a good time to reset them.

You have Until end of June 28th to move your items via the Relocation plugin to the new servers

The old maps can still be accessed at: and

The new maps can be found at: and

Since you may move your items this is considered a soft reset, please follow the soft reset procedure on this thread if you are missing anything from point donations.

Soft Reset details:
- Ranks themselves can be transferred over with a /ticket if not already there
- Claim Blocks will transfer automatically
- Items (including those from kits) may be moved via BetterRelocation.
- For any money balance remaining on the old map that you want transferred to the new one log a /ticket in game.
- Shop Plots - Since there is no way to get money back that was spent on shop plots you may log a /ticket for staff to sell it back to the server for you and then transfer that money to the new map.
- Multiverse worlds will be transferred but only the config, meaning when you login to the new map your world will be brand new there and generated with the same settings you set in the shop originally, anything that you may have changed with the world later on can be fixed for you by using /ticket

Please remember when moving items not to pack too many me drives into golden bags into your inventory as it can corrupt your player.dat file if it gets too large and staff will not be able to help you!

MaxWayne72 vipvip 6 month is a good lifetime of a server! and thanks to kai's plugin, we are all able to transfer all items to a bran...
QuantumBlink Partnervip Unbelievable.
BeavisBuilder Senior-Admin Btw, any pervious comments on this post got accidently removed when the new post was edited. Thanks to shadowplay, I was...

Space Astronomy EU

BeavisBuilder Senior-Admin posted Jun 13, 16

We have opened up a new European Space Astronomy server. You can transfer your items to it by using Better Relocation.

IP -

The North American server can still be reached at

As of the next server restart, all DeVco servers should have our custom made lottery plugin. You can purchase up to 10 tickets per player. Each ticket is $100. Base jackpot is $1,000. Drawings are held at 8:10p server time (EST for NA servers and CET for EU servers). Each drawing will include a 1% tax on the payout. After your server restart use /lottery or /lot for commands. Earn that money DeVcoians!

kollinkoko vip I'm confused how there is $198 in the pot if each ticket is $100. Also when I bought a ticket, the pot didn't ...
Nopsi99 vipvip /lottery buy 10 Message: You just bought 10 ticket! You have 1 ticket it reduced my money by 100 $, so i "on...
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